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Sunday, 22 June 2008

Your Revenue Engine

It is hard to explain in few words, but Qyao is The Next Big Thing in online revenue, for sure. Let's say that Qyao offers different online services and serves the purpose for everyone who wants to work, earn, promote or do any other activity on Internet.

The first one is an advertising campaign, where you're paid by various advertisers daily. You can earn up to $22 daily (regular) or $33 (elite members).

Second is pay per search. You have six search engines you can use for every day search, also, you get your own custom search engine ID..

Then, you can continue with auctions, classifieds, press releases, referrals, link exchanges and more! With regularly work you can earn over $60 per day in few months!

And what's the best news? When you join, you earn immediatelly $15, just for testing your new revenue services!

Of course, membership is free!


Anonymous said...

As a QYAO member myself I can say all presented above is true: QYAO is an incredible opportunity, now my main business.

Chupaaaa said...

Sure,Qyao is fantastic comunity.
I am A meber to,and just want to say that i'm going to be a member for a life time ,that how is good Qyao

Anonymous said...

I am a QYAO FAMILY member too, very worth to be part of this great site.Love it..