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Saturday, 20 December 2008

Aggero Investment

What is AGGERO INVESTMENT? The term 'Aggero' is a Latin word meaning "to make a mound, heap up, increase". And this is exactly the commitment they want to promise investors, make them a mound of money and increase the amount of their investments, through legal outside investments and advertising income.
AggeroInvestment is pure autosurf site which offer 8,5% daily revenue if you surf and 7% of daily revenue if you don't surf. The terms of use:
- One (1) adpack is $1, and you can buy up to a maximum of 3000 adpacks total
- Minimum deposit to the wallet is $5 on ALL payment processors.
- Referral commission is 3% if you are an upgraded advertiser and 1% if you are a free advertiser
- They accept Liberty Reserve, SolidTrustPay, AlertPay and StrictPay only
- Payments for SolidTrust Pay and AlertPay are done Monday to Friday up to 24 hours after the adpack expires and requested. Liberty Reserve and StrictPay payments are PAID INSTANTLY!

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Join PseudoTUBE and earn!

Hi all my friends!

What do you think about your FREE automatic video web site that earns you money? Sounds too good to be true? Believe me, it's possible!
To get started is really simple. Just click here and you'll get free subdomain, free hosting and free site. You'll have a fully working video portal like YouTube in a few minutes!

You'll get completely automated videosite and you can put there your advertisers like Adsense, Adbrite, Bidvertiser or any other sponsor you want. You can start earning immediatelly!

The site has affiliate program, also. You can earn $50 for each new referral!

Check out my new videochannels LIVE MUSIC and CUISINE. Everyone can setup videochannel and start earning with ads in a few minutes.

Join PseudoTUBE and start earning money now!

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Business model behind revenue engine

When people joined in Qyao, many of them have problems with understanding how things there work. But the fact is that there is no hidden magician or wizzard, it is pretty simple basic economics in sales and marketing within the corporate world of business.

Let' say that you have your own web site and you have various advertisers there who pay you XXX ammount for anyone that clicks on their links. Now you have a choice - to leave things as they are and wait for enough people who'll click on your ads or - you could setup a basic membership and share revenue with your members. It's up to you how much you'll share with your members.
It's possible to pay people 99% of everything and you still make a profit. This is in principle, how Qyao started, innitialy as a forum, after realising they could increase coverage of their fees.

The next question is how to get the returned income even though you're not actually doing any clicks at site or their sponsors? The answer is pretty simple, again.

You have your own web site and you want to increase the potential click through rate. You take your members money and use this funds as investmens in your own advertising campaigns on offer in the PPC area. And from that you increase the earning potential and get more income, above 100% and have the ability to pay an substantial sum back to your members, which are - in business language - your investors.

To understand this process better, imagine you own a company and you have shareholders, who pay for their shares in the company. You would use that money from your investors to increase the size of your company and to create more areas to make better profits. So in return for the extra money they had given to you, you pay them a dividend on their investment/share holding of the company.

In Qyao, social and economic network, they don't have shares, they just allow usage of Qyao funds in the members advertising accounts. And this is the basics how Qyao works.

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Your Revenue Engine

It is hard to explain in few words, but Qyao is The Next Big Thing in online revenue, for sure. Let's say that Qyao offers different online services and serves the purpose for everyone who wants to work, earn, promote or do any other activity on Internet.

The first one is an advertising campaign, where you're paid by various advertisers daily. You can earn up to $22 daily (regular) or $33 (elite members).

Second is pay per search. You have six search engines you can use for every day search, also, you get your own custom search engine ID..

Then, you can continue with auctions, classifieds, press releases, referrals, link exchanges and more! With regularly work you can earn over $60 per day in few months!

And what's the best news? When you join, you earn immediatelly $15, just for testing your new revenue services!

Of course, membership is free!

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Share videos, images and topics!

VITshow is new revenue sharing site, where you can earn by sharing videos from various videohosters, images and topics. Site is monetized with Adsense ads - they share 70% of revenue to you (if you have adsense account), also you are paid by page views and for referrals.

For promotion they prepared nice widget, you can see it in sidebar.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

New Internet Is Coming!

I found this new FULL INTERNET UPGRADE technology that is about to upgrade THE ENTIRE INTERNET to Web 2.0 standards and IT'S FREE!

Plus, they are giving away ONE MILLION DOLLARS to spread the word about it - and you can get a share for helping - NO COST!

Check it out HERE

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Pocket Money For Searching

Big search companies like Google, Ask and Yahoo receive advertising revenue from many of the companies featured in their search results. But you can get a small piece of this advertising money, too!

Sounds unbelievable? Sounds like scam? Well, it's up to you, what do you think about and what you can believe. From my point of view this is another opportunity to earn some pocket money (as one of my friends said). And it's true. And simple and easy.

By replacing your browsers search box with My Search Funds box you can earn money from search revenue. Partnership with allow My Search Funds to reward new users and ongoing loyalty by paying out a large portion of advertising revenue when the search is made through one of their boxes. By combining all this search traffic they are able to negotiate a stronger deal with and they are passing 50% of search revenue back to you.

And you don't need to change your way to search! You can doing precisely what you already do - search the internet in the normal way - you just use My Search Funds for your search provider.

You'll be paid via Pay Pal or UK bank transfer when you reach the limit of 20 Euros.

This service is totally free and worldwide. Anyone can join. If you get your friends to join under you, you'll get 10% of their searching revenue, too and so on.

So, instead of using Google, Yahoo or MSN, use this search box and make some money for yourself.

Take a look - if you are interested.