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Monday, 20 August 2007

First social network that pay users!

Few weeks ago I got (here) private message about, social network that pays for page views. I was so busy that time, so I just check what's going on. OK, just another social network I thought and forget.

But few days ago I noticed a lot of news and got a lot of mails about the new social network that pay users. I noticed this messages on forums, traffic exchange networks, monthly newsletters I'm subscribed. And all discuss about

So I decide to join. And I was surprised! Great! Maximum of flexibility! What I mean? At first, you got a profile page (something similar like on MySpace) where you can setup your profile, blog, photo galleries, videos, shoutbox, interests, etc...

Most important is that you can add in your profile almost everything. All embed codes and widgets as I know, slide shows, videos, etc...

Why is this so important? Well, as a content creator and a content sharer, I can embed codes and links from my content here to my Yuwie profile page, my blog posts and also on other comments and club posts (clubs are groups with special interests like cooking, autos, music, fans, etc...).

Also, Yuwie pay users! Revenue depends on your profile, blog posts, photos, videos and comments views and on your referrals 10 levels deep.

So, if you find something interesting in this, you can join in here.