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Saturday, 29 March 2008

Net Audio Ads

Voice2page or PPP (which stands for Pay-Per-Play is an excellent opportunity to monetize your web site, blog or any your web presence.

This is a free chance for you or your company to share in billions of dollars of new found advertising revenue that was formerly reserved for major television networks. Whether you are an aspiring webmaster or the CEO of a fortune 500 company, you don’t want to miss a word of what this report will reveal and the impact it is making in the Internet Marketing Industry.

NetAudioAds™ Pay-Per-Play (PPP) advertising is an advertising channel that is set to take the web by storm. Because of the size and scope of this deal (backed by one of the BIG 5 search engines), PPP advertising will become a world wide business media event. PPP works on a bid management system similar to Google AdWords and will compensate publishers just like Google AdSense but with one critical difference…

Publishers (website owners) will earn revenue on 100% of their traffic... no clicks necessary!

PPP is a way for advertisers to serve a 5 second audio advertisement to website visitors. It is a way for advertisers to target their 5 second audio ad to specific interests, demographics and geographic locations.

NetAudioAds™ PPP is not new, it has been running for 2 ½ years, has over 66,000 advertisers and over 550,000 websites that serve PPP ads to their visitors. The 550,000+ websites that currently serve these ads are responsible for up to 43 million streams (impressions) of advertisers' 5 second audio ads on a monthly basis. As you can hear the ads that play are very professional. Best of all these audio ads DO NOT take up any space on a webpage... They are just heard, not seen, and there is nothing to click on, the ad just plays when a visitor enters a page that has the PPP code inserted. Website owners are paid "Per-Play" NOT Per-Click.

How much can I earn per play?

NetAudioAds™' PPP will be run on an automated bid management system like Google AdWords. Advertisers will go in and choose the types of sites that they want their ad played on and will then bid for placement.

What you're waiting for? Sign in!

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