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Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Referrals 2.0 launches to all AdSense publishers

AdSense recently announces that the adwords advertisers’ products will soon be available to all Adsense publishers. This program, known as Referrals 2.0, will allow AdSense publishers to direct traffic from sites to various products and services of AdWords clients. Earnings for publishers will be estimated as cost-per-action and not cost-per-click as standard or, let's say, classic AdSense ads.

What and how this will impact to existent AdSense publishers and complete AdSense service? Mostly, conclusions about this fresh, new service, were that this launch will expand inventory and functionality of referrals for publishers.

And what are the key benefits?

Expanded inventory of products
Until this service, you're been limited to Google products which weren't nessesary fit the context of your site. Referral's 2.0 will offer thousands of products and services and it'll be easily find apropriate products or services for your site.

Categories and targeted keywords
There'll be thousands of products or services available and publisher can choose betwen ads which will perform the best for their site. With Referrals 2.0 publishers can have control to decide what ads or specific category or products to show on site.

Ad unit optimization
AdSense Publishers will have a tools for an ads optimization,so they'll compare selected with other ads to check performance of ads and choose the best.

Higher revenue
Referrals 2.0 will be paid on a cost-per-action not on cost-per-click so quality traffic matters. If publishers turn their traffic into a sale or lead, the'll learn more.

I'm, personally not shure, what'll happen with Referrals 2.0 (I just check my AdSense account and I got this functionality), we'll see. But this service is logical proceeding of Google Advertising services. Hence, almost all forgot that Google acquire DoubleClick for more than 3 billion $, people still mostly discuss how and why Google buy YouTube.

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