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Monday, 28 May 2007

Offer news and get revenue!

This is another way of revenue opportunity and monetizing your blog. It's simple (yes, all big ideas are simple, aren't they?): UrbanRead is a news site which offer news widget for your website or blog. In widget you get, you have news titles from their network. And when your visitors clicks the news title from widget and read the news, the ad in the news story page is yours, from your adsense account. So, showing your adsense ad helps you to increase your adsense revenue.

The other opportunity to get revenue is Urbanread Refferal program. When you allowing your friends and visitors to register and use urbanread news widget on their site you get your ads on their news landing page 20% of the time. This feature results in higher number of impressions in your adsense account which means that you'll generate higher earnings. It's very easy to install and use, and, after all, it's free to join!

You can see an example of Urbanread News at left sidebar.

1 comment:

MySpace said...

It is even better if you offer your own news, and mention somebody's website in that news :)

There is couple of sites you can create your own RSS feeder widget, like widgetbox or something like that and spring widgets.

Anyways thank you for visiting !